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 Installation and Configuration service

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Expert installation of WordPress with a minimum of fuss.  We will install up to five plugins during your installation to get your site running with the ‘bare essentials’.  Installation includes any text and images you supply to us.  Use it as a website or a blog.


Once your WordPress installation is complete, we can configure it to your requirements.  WordPress has a massive community of developers and users.This means that virtually everything you can think of has already been built for WordPress.


We know WordPress.  We know what it needs to run, and we know that reliabilty is of utmost importance to any site owner.  Our hosting is thoroughly tested and WordPress sites love being hosted with us.


WordPress is continuously being improved, and the plugins that make it your unique site also need frequent updating.  We can handle all of that for you for a small monthly fee.


Now your site is on the net for all to see – if they can find the site!  We can make a difference there – our SEO service is competitive and effective – and totally ‘white hat’, meaning we don’t use dirty tricks to fool the search engines.


Choose from one of our ready made themes – prices between $19 and $24.  Or we can build a theme for you from scratch for a completely unique site.

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First Thing’s First

1. Request a Quote

2. We Quote

3. We Get to Work

After we have received your request we quote on installing WP, and optionally configuration, maintenance, hosting and SEO

From time of agreement and payment until we have your site ready to publish is typically 48 hours or less.  We need you to supply text and graphics.


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Mr Wordpress

When Russell first started coding HTML all those years ago, he was amazed by what you could display on a website!  Oh, how times have changed.  Through different programming languages and platforms, Russell has settled on WordPress as being the best platform for his customers.

Wordpress is ideal for so many reasons, so let us tell you some of them now.

There are over 54 million WordPress sites out there. This is not a cutting edge technology that will have disappeared in 6 months. The large community means it is here to stay and will constantly be improved.

The way we set up your website, it is extremely easy to use, and really difficult to break!

As a CMS WordPress is super-simple, intuitive and elegant to use, but is also robust. We can provide professional video tutorials which will allow you update the site yourself in hours.

WordPress is used by some huge sites.It is suitable for the smallest business, or an entire Government Department.

Microsoft recently decided to stop development on its own blogging platform and move its 30 million users over to using WordPress.

Some notable users include:

  • The New York Times, Reuters, CNN
  • Ford and GM,
  • UK Prime Minister,
  • Forbes,
  • Nikon, Sony,
  • UPS



Wherever you are in the world, we’ve got you covered

We service clients as far afield as Australia and Ukraine (and many places in between).  Whether you’re in India or England, New Zealand or New Guinea, Belize or Belgium, we can manage your WordPress installation and configuration, maintenance and SEO.  

Most websites are hosted a long way from their owners, and just because you’re dealing with a US hosting company doesn’t mean that your site isn’t actually located in Bulgaria!

You can host with us, or stick with your current host – as long as they meet certain minimum requirements.

We don’t need physical access to your server, but we do need access to your CPanel or equvalent.  We also need to assess your current host, as some hosts cannot handle a WordPress installation.  If the host can handle WordPress, then we need the login details (which you can change as soon as we’re finished) and the content you want published.  We can even provide you with video manuals to teach you how to look after your site yourself.  We can handle your routine maintenance – making sure the site is secure, updating the site and plugins as soon as updates are released.  You can sit back and enjoy the benefits of a world class website.

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Wherever in the world you may be, Zamhost can design your WordPress site, maintain your site and ensure security and backups are taken care of.